In the Pines above Paradise

For our Children
to Learn about the Real World

Children experience our natural physical world of plants, animals, mountains and water, during their visit to Meadowbrook Ranch, and enjoy wholesome, educational activities.

The Flora and Fauna observed each day, and viewing our Western history exhibits displayed in our Lodge Museum and Red Barn, offers a broad education. Educational videos in the Red Barn Recreation Center show horse training, fishing and wildlife in action.

Animal tracks are visible on our roads and trails, where gray squirrels, deer, coyotes, bear, bobcat and cougars have been. Fish, frogs, and turtles are often seen in our lakes, ponds and streams. Watch ducks, geese, herons, kingfishers, osprey, and bald eagles overhead.

Bluegill, Black Bass and Catfish congregate below Little Butte Creek Concrete Crossing, for youngsters to feed or catch. The Bluegill and Bass pool is where children learn to fish. For a family picnic, a Sheltered Little Flat in the Willows at our Fish Ladder, is a nice secluded location.

Children may canoe, kayak, float and swim, with a supervising adult present, or enjoy hiking and biking, with an adult, on our roads and marked trails.

After demonstrating competence in handling equines in the Arena, with their parent or guardian leading the animal, they may ride there alone. Outside the Arena, they may ride on our roads and marked trails, only with a responsible adult.

Christmas Time on the ranch is a wonderful and exciting time for children of all ages.

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